O Level Free Mock Tests 2024 (Latest)

Practicing O Level mock tests is essential for exam success. Enrolling in an O Level test series helps you pass on the first attempt by providing a structured approach. Mock tests assess your preparation, identify improvement areas, and enhance exam readiness. Examjila Live Presents Online Test series for O Level all paper 2024 where you … Read more

100+ Communication skill and personality development mcqs

इस आर्टिकल में हमने Communication skill and personality development MCQS शेयर किये है जोकि पिछली परीक्षाओ में पूछे गए है और यह प्रश्न BA/B.Sc./ B.Com/BBA/BCA 6th semester के लिए है 1. How should one prepare for an interview? साक्षात्कार के लिए किसी को कैसे तैयारी करनी चाहिए ? (A) By avoiding research (B) By rehearsing … Read more

O Level Practical Paper 2024{Solved} Free PDF

Write down an Arduino program to interface a temperature monitoring system in a public environment which will display information on 16*2 LCD “Fever” if temp is greater than 99.6 degrees and “No fever” if the temp.is below 99.6 degrees. (Use of DHT11, Ultrasonic motion sensor is permissible). Below is an Arduino program to interface a … Read more