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Hello dear friends! Today we are going to tell you about NIELIT A level Notes and Classes, A Level A6R5 Books PDF/ A level Computer Organization and Operating System books pdf. And how do you do A Level a6r5 exam preparation? going to tell about If you want to pass A level A6-R5 exam in one go with good grades then India’s no. You can take help of 1 Youtube Channel New Ideas YT Till now thousands of students have completed their O Level from this channel. And now NIELIT is preparing for A Level Course, continuously trying to teach A Level course in the simplest way and provide powerful content. In which positive feedback has been received from many students.

A Level Computer Organization and Operating System (A6-R5) Notes – Download

There are three main terms to pass any exam with a good grade, first of all you should know the A Level Computer Organization and Operating System syllabus of the exam, there should be powerfull content related to the exam as well as to crack that exam There should be proper strategy for these main three, the focus has always been on New Ideas YT, so without delay, start your preparation with us. If you do not have the complete study material of Computer Organization and Operating System(A6-R5), and you like the classes and PDF Notes of Youtube channel NewideasYT, then you can join their Computer Organization and Operating System batch. | Below you have been given complete information about Computer Organization and Operating System(A6-R5) paid batch.

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A Level detailed Syllabus 2023 – Computer Organization and Operating System

Sr. No.Chapter Name
Chapter 1Basic Structure of Computers
Chapter 2Computer Arithmetic Operations
Chapter 3Central Processing Unit and Instructions
Chapter 4Memory Organization
Chapter 5I/O Organization
Chapter 6Operating Systems Overview
Chapter 7Linux Basics
Chapter 8Process Management and Shell Script
Chapter 9Users, Groups and Permissions
Chapter 10Standard I/O and Pipes
Chapter 11Finding and Processing Files

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Detailed Syllabus A Level A6-R5

Chapter -1: Basic Structure of Computers

Structure of a Computer System, Arithmetic Logic Unit, Control Unit, Bus Structure, Von Neumann Architecture.

Chapter -2: Computer Arithmetic Operations

Introduction to logic gates, Boolean algebra, Data Representation-Number system, Fixed and Floating point numbers, Floating point representation, Signed numbers, Binary Arithmetic, 1’s and 2’s Complements Arithmetic, Binary adder, 2’s Complement method for multiplication, Map Simplification.

Chapter -3: Central Processing Unit and Instructions

General Register Organization, Types of Instructions, Instruction Formats, Addressing Modes, Data Transfer and Manipulation, Program Control, Instruction cycle.

Chapter -4: Memory Organization

Characteristics of Memory Systems, Type of memories, Main memory, Static & Dynamic memories, Secondary Memory, Performance Considerations, Cache Memory with mapping, Virtual Memory, Address memory used pages, page replacement, Introduction to RAID.

Chapter -5: I/O Organization

Peripheral Devices, Input-Output Interface, Asynchronous Data Transfer Modes,

Interrupt handling, Types of Interrupts, Priority Interrupt, Direct Memory Access, Input- Output Processor (IOP), Synchronous and Asynchronous Data Transfer.

Part 2 – Operating System

Chapter -6: Operating Systems Overview

Overview of Computer Operating Systems, Types of OS, Functions of OS, Protection and Security, Distributed Operating Systems, System Calls, Scheduling algorithms, memory management, threads.

Chapter -7: Linux Basics

Open source, Overview of Linux, Basic Linux commands, structure of kernel and shell, Getting help, Linux File System, Some Important Directories, Inodes, Current Working Directory, File and Directory Names, Absolute and Relative Pathnames, Creating and Removing Directories, Changing Directories, Listing Directory Contents, Creating and Removing Files, Copying Files and Directories, Moving and Renaming Files and Directories, fundamental file types, Hard Links, Symbolic ( or soft) Links, Viewing and working with large Text files – cat, more, less, head, tail, cut commands, search text within a file, grep

Chapter -8:  Process Management and Shell Script

Processes: Definition, Process Relationship, Process states, Process State transitions, Process Control Block, Context switching – Threads – Concept of multithreads, Listing Processes, Finding Processes, Foreground and background processes, Interactive Process management tools, Sending signals to processes. Shell Script, shell variables, control structure using variables in shell script.

Chapter -9:  Users, Groups and Permissions

Users, Groups, Linux File Security, Examining Permissions, accessing root user, creating user and groups, Changing File Ownership, Changing Permissions – Symbolic Method, Numeric Method, /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and /etc/group files, Monitoring Logins, Default Permissions, Special Permissions umask, passwd.

Chapter -10:  Standard I/O and Pipes

Standard Input and Output, Redirecting Output to a File, Redirecting STDOUT to a Program(Piping), Combining Output and Errors, redirecting to Multiple Targets (tee), Redirecting STDIN from a file.

Chapter -11:  Finding and Processing Files

Locate, find, Basic find Examples, find and Logical Operators, find and Permissions, find and Access Times.

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