Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness Questions and answer

इस आर्टिकल में हमने Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness MCQS शेयर किये है जोकि पिछली परीक्षाओ में पूछे गए है और यह प्रश्न BA/B.Sc./ B.Com/BBA/BCA 5th semester के लिए है

Subject: Co-Curricular Course
Course Title: Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness

Course outcomes (Analytic Ability):

CO 1: Familiarize with analogy, number system, set theory and its applications, number system andpuzzles.
CO 2: To understand the basics of Syllogism, figure problems, critical and analytical reasoning.
CO 3: Familiarize with word processing application and worksheet .
CO 4: To understand the basics of web surfing and cyber security.

IAlphabet test, Analogy, Arithmetic Reasoning, Blood relations, Coding and Decoding, Inequalities, Logical Venn diagram, Seating Arrangements, Puzzles and Missing numbers
IISyllogism, Pattern completion and figure series, Embeded Figure and counting of figures, Cube & Dice, Paper cutting and folding, Data sufficiency, Course of Action, Critical Reasoning, Analytical and decision making
Computer Basics:
Block diagram of Digital Computer, Classification of Computers, Memory System, Primary storage, Auxiliary memory, Cache memory, Computer Software (System/Application Software),
MS Word Basics: The word screen, Getting to word documents, typing and Revising text, Finding and Replacing, Editing and Proofing tools, Formatting text characters, Formatting Paragraph, Document templates., Page set up, tables, Mail Merge, Macros, protecting documents, printing a document.
Introduction, Worksheet basics, Creating worksheet, Heading information, Data & Text, Date
& Time, Alphanumeric values, Saving & quitting worksheet, Opening and moving around in
an existing worksheet, Toolbars and Menus, Excel shortcut and function keys, Working with
single and multiple workbook, Working with formulae & cell referencing, Auto sum, coping
formulae, Absolute & relative addressing, Worksheet with ranges, Formatting of worksheet,
Previewing & Printing worksheet, Graphs and charts, Database, Creating and using macros,
Multiple worksheets- concepts
An Overview: working of Internet, Browsing the Internet, E-Mail, Components of E-Mail, Address Book, Troubleshooting in E-Mail, Browsers: Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Tor, Search Engines lik Google, DuckDuckGo etc, Visiting web sites: Downloading.
Cyber Security: Introduction to Information System, Type of information system, CIA model of Information Characteristics, Introduction to Information Security, Need of Information Security, Cyber Security, phishing, spamming, fake news, general issues related to cyber security, Business need, Ethical and Professional issues of security.
Syllabus for Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness

MCQs on Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness in Hindi

Unit 1 :MCQs on Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness MCQs

Which letter in this alphabet is the eighth letter to the right of the letter and  which is tenth letter to the left of the last but one letter of the alphabet?

A) X B) W 
C) I D) H

1. wrist : Watch

  1. Buckle : Belt
  2. Shoes : Socks
  3. Neck : Chain
  4. ) Cuff : Cufflinks

2.The sum of the ages of 3 people A, B and C is 90 years. What would be the total of their ages 4 years back?

A. 74 years

B. 78 years

C. 86 years

D. 80 years

3.Pointing to a photograph of a boy Suresh said, “He is the son of the only son of my mother.” How is Suresh related to that boy?




4.If A + B means A is the mother of B; A – B means A is the brother B; A % B means A is the father of B and A x B means A is the sister of B, which of the following shows that P is the maternal uncle of Q?

Q – N + M x P

P + S x N – Q

P – M + N x Q

Q – S % P

5.In a certain code language COMPUTER is written as RFUVQNPC. How will MEDICINE be written in that code language?


6.Solve this inequality 3b – 7 < 32?

A) b = 13B) b < 13
C) b > = 13D) b < = 13

7.In a town of 500 people, 285 read Hindu and 212 read Indian Express and 127 read Times of India, 20 read Hindu and Times of India and 29 read Hindu and Indian Express and 35 read Times of India and Indian express . 50 read no news paper . Then how many read only one paper ?

A) 123B) 231
C) 312D) 321

8.Read the arrangement carefully and give the answer of following questions ?K$23DBE8HM4@5JF4%K1+WR#AA*415How many such symbols are there which is not immediately preceded by a letter but immediately followed by a number ?

A) 1B) 2
C) 3D) 0

9.If  1 1 1 1 = R
    2 2 2 2 = T
    3 3 3 3 = E
    4 4 4 4 = N

Then  5 5 5 5 = ?

A) YB) Z
C) TD) X

Unit 2 :MCQs on Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness MCQs

10.Find the missing number in the series?

4, 18, ?, 100, 180, 294, 448

A) 48B) 50
C) 58D) 60

Unit 3 :MCQs on Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness MCQs

11. Which of the following is not an essential element of a communication system?

a) Transmitter

b) Transducer

c) Receiver

d) Communication Channel

12.Which of the following is not a type of computer on the basis of operation?

a) Remote
b) Hybrid
c) Analog
d) Digital

13.A computer that operates on digital data.

a) remote computer
b) hybrid computer
c) analog computer
d) digital computer

14.This type of computer is mostly used for automatic operations.

a) remote computer
b) hybrid computer
c) analog computer
d) digital computer

 15.______________ are used for solving complex application such as Global Weather Forecasting.

a) Super Computers
b) Public computers
c) Mobile computers
d) Hybrid computers

16.CPU fetches the instruction from memory according to the value of ____________

a) program counter
b) status register
c) instruction register
d) program status word

17.A memory buffer used to accommodate a speed differential is called ____________

a) stack pointer
b) cache
c) accumulator
d) disk buffer

18.Which one of the following is the address generated by CPU?

a) physical address
b) absolute address
c) logical address
d) none of the mentioned

19. Run time mapping from virtual to physical address is done by ____________

a) Memory management unit
b) CPU
c) PCI
d) None of the mentioned

20.Which type of memory can read data but can’t write data?

A. Random only memory
B. Random-access memory
C. Read-only memory
D. None of the above

21. Which type of memory can speed up computer processing?

B. Cache memory
C. Registers
D. Both A & B

22.Which one is volatile?


B. Secondary memory


D. Random Only memory

23.This set of Computer Fundamentals Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Magnetic Tapes”.

a) secondary memory
b) tertiary memory
c) primary memory
d) cache memory

24.Magnetic tape is a type of _________ access device.
a) Sequential
b) Direct access
c) Step
d) Indirect

25.What is the high speed memory between the main memory and the CPU called?

a) Register Memory
b) Cache Memory
c) Storage Memory
d) Virtual Memory

26.Whenever the data is found in the cache memory it is called as _________

a) HIT

27.Which of the following instructs the computer hardware, what to do and how to do it?

(a) Hardware
(b) Operating system
(c) Software
(d) Device driver

28.Which of the following is an example of application software?

(A) Security software

(B) Command system

(C) Operating system

(D) CAD/CAM system

29.Microsoft word is ____ software.





30.MS Excel stands for ___________

A. Micromax Excel

B. Management Excel

C. Microsoft Excel

D. Microsoft Excess

31.MS Excel is a ________.

A. Database Management software

B. Presentation software

C. Workbook software

D. Spreadsheet software

32.________is the best alternative to MS Excel offered by Google Inc.

A. Google Slides

B. Google Sheets

C. Google Files

D. Google Keep

33.The files that are created with Spreadsheet software are called

A. Package


C. Worksheet

D. Spreadsheet

34.How to remove borders applied in Cells

A.Select None on the Border tab of Format cells

B.Open the list on the Border tool in the Format Cell toolbar then choose the first tool (none)

C.Both of above

D.None of above

35._____ is not a valid data type in MS Excel. 




D.Date/ Time

Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness MCQ

36. Which of the cell pointer indicate that you can move the content to other cell?

A. Doctor’s symbol (Big Plus)
B. Small thin plus icon
C. Mouse Pointer with anchor at the tip
D. None of above

37.Data Analytics uses ___ to get insights from data.

A.Statistical figures

B.Numerical aspects

C.Statistical methods

D.None of the mentioned above

38.Amongst which of the following is / are the branch of statistics which deals with the development of statistical methods is classified as ___.

A.Industry statistics

B.Economic statistics

C.Applied statistics

D.None of the mentioned above

39. Which of the following format specifiers is used to represent the name of the time zone?

a) %A
b) %B
c) %H
d) %Z

40. Which of the following functions is used to convert the date and time into a calendar format?

a) difftime()
b) clock()
c) mktime()
d) ctime()

41.T49S64, R81Q100, P1210144, ?

a) N169M196

b) N160M190

c) N164M194

d) U36T46

42.B2CD, ?, BCD4, ?, BC6D

a) BC3D, B5CD

b) BC2D, BC3D

c) BC3D, C3CD

d) BC3D, BC5D

43.Which Excel feature helps you quickly enter existing data into adjacent cells?

A.Auto complete




44.Which of the following is a selected cell?

A.current command

B.default option

C.Active cell

D.default cell

45.You right-click a column header and then click Delete. Suddenly a column of valuable financial information disappears without warning. What should you do? your hard drive for the last time you saved your .XLSX worksheet

B.type ctrl+z to undo your deletation the Find button to search for the lost data

D.calmly retype your financial informational

46.Which of the following is an acceptable name for a named range?



C.subtotal west


47.In a computer, direction of paper in printing is referred to as
A) directional position

B) orientation

C) page style

D) page position

48.Bar used to launch the computer word art is
A) status bar

B) ruler

C) standard tool bar

D) drawing tool bar

Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness Questions

49.In a computer, tables are used to display

A) numeric information

B) text

C) graphics

D) all of these

50.Computer keyboard shortcut which is used to change the case is
A) Ctrl + F3

B) Shift + F3

C) Alt + F3

D) Ctrl + Shift + F3

51.What is the keyboard shortcut for reversing (undoing) your last action?

a) Ctrl+U
 b) Ctrl+X
 c) Ctrl+Y
 d) Ctrl+Z

52.Which shortcut key combination can be used to insert the current date into a cell?

a) Ctrl+D
 b) Ctrl+; (semicolon)
 c) Ctrl+Shift+; (semicolon)
 d) Ctrl+Shift+D

53.What happens when you select cells and press Ctrl+2?
a) Text in the selected cells are underlined.
b) Italic formatting is applied to the text in the selected cells.
c) Bold formatting is applied to the text in the selected cells.
d) A duplicate of the selected cells will be inserted directly below the selection.

54.How to remove borders applied in Cells? 

A.Select None on the Border tab of Format cells

B.Open the list on the Border tool in the Format Cell toolbar then choose the first tool (none)

C.Both of above

D.None of above

55. What is MS Excel?


B.Database Management 



56.What is the row limit of MS Excel 2019? 




D.1,63, 84

57.Name the keyboard shortcut to use to switch between open Excel windows.




D)None of the above

58. Why is the =COUNTIF function in Excel used? 

A.Counts cells as specified

B.Counts blank cells in a range

C.Counts cells with numbers in a range

D.Returns values based on a TRUE or FALSE condition

59. How do you display current date only in MS Excel?

A. Date ()
B. Today ()
C. Now ()
D. Time ()

60. How do you wrap the text in a cell?

A. Format cells font
B. Format cells protection
C. Format cells number
D. Format cells alignment

61. What does COUNTA () function do?

A. Counts cells having alphabets
B. Counts empty cells
C. Counts cells having number
D. Counts non-empty cells

62._____ logical function indicates TRUE only if all arguments are assessed as TRUE, and FALSE otherwise





63. The intersection of a column and a row in a worksheet is called____ 

  1. Column
  2. Address 
  3. Value
  4. Cell 

64. In the case of, Zero-address instruction method the operands are stored in _____

a) Registers
b) Accumulators
c) Push down stack
d) Cache

65. The addressing mode which makes use of in-direction pointers is ______
a) Indirect addressing mode
b) Index addressing mode
c) Relative addressing mode
d) Offset addressing mode

65.Which one is the last column in Excel sheet?





66.How many rows are there in MS Excel worksheet?





67.The frequency polygon is a closed diagram of


Three sides

Many sides

None of these

68. In a Pie chart, usually, the arrangement of the sectors is:




D.None of these

69.Frequency curve is

A.Asymptotic to y-axis

B.Non-asymptotic to y-axis

C.Asymptotic to x-axis

D.None of these

70. A histogram is

A.A frequency graph

B.A time-series plot

C.A graph-plotting mean against standard deviation

D.A correlative frequency chart

71. What is the full form of DBMS?
a) Data of Binary Management System
b) Database Management System
c) Database Management Service
d) Data Backup Management System

72. What is a database?
a) Organized collection of information that cannot be accessed, updated, and managed
b) Collection of data or information without organizing
c) Organized collection of data or information that can be accessed, updated, and managed
d) Organized collection of data that cannot be updated

73. What is DBMS?

a) DBMS is a collection of queries
b) DBMS is a high-level language
c) DBMS is a programming language
d) DBMS stores, modifies and retrieves data

74. Who created the first DBMS?
a) Edgar Frank Codd
b) Charles Bachman
c) Charles Babbage
d) Sharon B. Codd

bA, BSc, BCom 3rd Year Co-curricular Course

75. If a number of instructions are repeating through the main program, then to reduce the length of the program, __________ is used.
a) procedure
b) subroutine
c) macro
d) none of the mentioned

76. A macro can be used as ________
a) in data segment
b) to represent directives
c) to represent statements
d) all of the mentioned

77. The end of a macro can be represented by the directive.
a) END

78. The time required for execution of a macro is ________ that of the procedure.
a) greater than
b) less than
c) equal to
d) none of the mentioned

79. The beginning of the macro can be represented as
d) None of the mentioned

80.Which one is the last column in Excel sheet?





Unit 4 :MCQs on Analytic Ability and Digital Awareness MCQs

81.Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a


(B) Mainframe

(C) Supercomputer

(D) Network

82.A program that is used to view websites is called a

(A) Browser

(B) Web viewer

(C) Spreadsheet

(D) Word processor

83._____________ is a software extension that adds extra features to a program.





84.The user name and email server parts of an email address are separated by _______ symbol





85.An email may contain non-text information which may be __________





86.The second part of email address identifies ______

(A)name of bank

(B)name of the email server

(C)name of individual user

(D)name of the mobile phone operator

87.You can _________ an email if you want to remember it is important, and this also puts the email into a special folder for easy access





88. What sends a copy of an email to a new recipient?



(c)Reply All


89.Which company designed a network that apparently became internet?

A.US Department of Defense

B.Microsoft Corporation

C.Macintosh Corporation

D.Internet Technologies Limited

90.What is a server?

A.A computer that is very big

B.A computer that provides/manages shared services.

C.A system of connecting computers

D.A computer that is connected to a LAN
91.A system for transferring web documents defines how messages are formatted and transmitted over internet is

A.Hypertext Transfer Protocol

B.World Wide Web

C.Uniform Resource Locator

D.Hyper Transformed Text Publisher

92.Which company designed a network that apparently became internet?

A.US Department of Defense

B.Microsoft Corporation

C.Macintosh Corporation

D.Internet Technologies Limited

93.A small file put in your hard disk that contains information like user id by your web browser is called a ____________________


B.Personal Data File

C.Secured Sockets Layer


94.Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator and Opera are examples of ___________________

A.Operating Systems

B.Web Sites

C.Web Browsers

D.Search Engines

95.Wikipedia is a _____________________

A.Knowledge Repository Site

B.Search Engine

C.Web Browser

D.Personal Web Page

96.You cannot send the following details in an email.

A.Your name, Greetings

B.Account Number and Password

C.Email IDs


97.What is the URL?

A.A computer software program

B.An acronym for Unlimited Resources for Learning

C.The address of a document or “page” on the World Wide Web

D.A type of UFO

98.What is a .com in a web address mean?




D.None of the above

99.What is a Blog?

A.Batch Log for web servers

B.Basic Line Offset for Gopherspace

C.Basic List of Gopher Emulators

D.Web Log diary

100.Google Chrome was launched in –





101.____, JavaScript, and Python are some of the programming languages used in Chrome’s design and scripting




d.All of the above

103.With Google Chrome, you can manage bookmarks and settings, ____, and more.

  1. Sync your Google Account
  2. Manage Passwords
  3. Block malware
  4. All of the above

104.Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator are examples of

A. Web server – वेब सर्वर

B. Internet – इंटरनेट

C. Web browser – वेब ब्राउज़र

D. World Wide Web – वर्ल्ड वाइड वेब

105.Documents in Microsoft One Drive can be edited using _____.

(a) online version of Microsoft office tools using browser

(b) installed version of Microsoft office tools

(c) both a & b

(d) none of them

106.Which document view given an appearance as in web browser?

A Draft view

B Outline view

C Web layout view

D Full screen reading

107. _____________ makes it likely for its users to hide their physical locations & offering a variety of services like web publishing or an IM maintaining privacy.
a) AnonyMode
b) In-private mode
c) Incognito mode
d) Tor

108.TOR stands for _______________
a) The Open Router
b) The Onion Reader
c) The Onion Router
d) Tactical Onion Router

109.Tor services are also popularly known as _____________
a) onion services
b) garlic services
c) privacy policy service
d) anti-surveillance service

110.What is the height of Google page rank a web page contains;

A) 500
B) 100
C) 10
D) None of the above

111.Domain authority is managed by?

A) Moz
B) Yahoo
C) Bing
D) Google

112.Which of the following is not a metric used in the link building?

A) Number of advertisements
B) Number of links
C) Domain Authority
D) None of the above

113.Most PCs generate one beep on bootup to specify they are OK hardware-wise, if we boot PC and doesn’t get any beep we have to check

A..system board

114.Which of the following can be title as suitable Keyword Density?

A) 0.01-0.1%
B) 3-4%
C) 0.1-1%
D) More than 10%

115.What is Cyber Security?
a) Cyber Security provides security against malware
b) Cyber Security provides security against cyber-terrorists
c) Cyber Security protects a system from cyber attacks
d) All of the mentioned
116. What does cyber security protect?
a) Cyber security protects criminals
b) Cyber security protects internet-connected systems
c) Cyber security protects hackers
d) None of the mentioned

117. Who is the father of computer security?
a) August Kerckhoffs
b) Bob Thomas
c) Robert
d) Charles

118. Which of the following is defined as an attempt to steal, spy, damage or destroy computer systems, networks, or their associated information?
a) Cyber attack
b) Computer security
c) Cryptography
d) Digital hacking
119. Which of the following is a type of cyber security?
a) Cloud Security
b) Network Security
c) Application Security
d) All of the above

120. What are the features of cyber security?
a) Compliance
b) Defense against internal threats
c) Threat Prevention
d) All of the above

121. Which of the following is an objective of network security?
a) Confidentiality
b) Integrity
c) Availability
d) All of the above

122. Which of the following is not a cybercrime?
a) Denial of Service
b) Man in the Middle
c) Malware

d) AES

123. Which of the following is a component of cyber security?
a) Internet Of Things
b) AI
c) Database
d) Attacks

124. Which of the following is a type of cyber attack?
a) Phishing
b) SQL Injections
c) Password Attack
d) All of the above

125. Which of the following is not an advantage of cyber security?
a) Makes the system slower
b) Minimizes computer freezing and crashes
c) Gives privacy to users
d) Protects system against viruses

126. “Cyberspace” was coined by _________
a) Richard Stallman
b) William Gibson
c) Andrew Tannenbaum
d) Scott Fahlman

127. In which year has hacking become a practical crime and a matter of concern in the field of cyber technology?
a) 1991
b) 1983
c) 1970
d) 1964

128. Governments hired some highly skilled hackers for providing cyber security for the country or state. These types of hackers are termed as _______
a) Nation / State sponsored hackers
b) CIA triad
c) Special Hackers

d) Government Hackers

129. Which of the following act violates cyber security?
a) Exploit
b) Attack
c) Threat
d) Vulnerability

130. Which of the following actions compromise cyber security?
a) Vulnerability
b) Attack
c) Threat
d) Exploit

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