[Explanation]Cache Memory Works on the Principle of

Cache memory is a memory which works between ram and cpu. Cache memory is also known as primary or main memory. Cache memory is inbuilt in motherboard. Cache memory is a expensive memory. its improve the CPU performance. let’s see which principal(Cache Memory Works on the Principle oflocality of reference.) followed by Cache Memory.

Cache memory working and principal

Cache memory temporarily stores information, data and programs that are mostly used by the CPU. Cache memory is a very faster memory. when any data required by CPU then CPU first search in cache memory if data is not found then cache memory bring the data from ram(main memory).

which principal followed cache memory Explanation

Now the question is Cache Memory Works on the Principle of ? let’s discuss more about cache memory principal.

Cache Memory Works on the Principle of locality of reference

Cache memory doesn’t follow the locality of data.

What is the meaning of locality of reference ?

here is a quick overview of locality of reference the tendency of a processor to access the same set of memory locations repetitively over a short period of time(wiki)

full information About Cache memory

Cache memory Access Time3-10 nanoseconds
Cache memory Storage Capacity6kb – 12MB
Cache memory works betweenRAM and CPU
Cache memory principallocality of reference
Cache memory information

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