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A Level Data Structure Through OOP Language
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There are three main terms to pass any exam with a good grade, first of all you should know the A Level Data Structure Through Object Oriented Programming Language syllabus of the exam, there should be powerfull content related to the exam as well as to crack that exam There should be proper strategy for these main three, the focus has always been on New Ideas YT, so without delay, start your preparation with us. If you do not have the complete study material of Data Structure Through Object Oriented Programming Language (A5-R5), and you like the classes and PDF Notes of Youtube channel NewideasYT, then you can join their Data Structure Through Object Oriented Programming Language batch. | Below you have been given complete information about Data Structure Through Object Oriented Programming Language paid batch.

a level Data Structure Through Object Oriented
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A Level Data Structure (A5-R5.1)
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Batch Start From 16 Feb 2024, Course Validity Till July 2024 Exam.

A Level detailed Syllabus 2023 – Data Structure Through Object Oriented Programming Language

Sr. No.Chapter Name
1Object Oriented Concepts
2Basics of C++, Classes and Objects
3Analysis of Algorithm
4Searching and Sorting: Searching
5 Elementary Data Structures
6Stacks and Queues

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Detailed Syllabus A Level A5-R5 Data Structure

(i) Object Oriented Concepts: Object Oriented Programming- a new paradigm, Abstraction, forms of Abstraction, OOP concepts- Classes, Objects, Polymorphism, Data Encapsulation, Data Hiding, Inheritance

(ii) Basics of C++, Classes and Objects: Features of C++, Tokens, keywords, Data types, Operators, Manipulators, Console input, output, Control statements (conditional and loops), Functions, Classes, Instantiation, Destructor, constructor, Polymorphism – Operator Overloading, Function Overloading, Inheritance-Single, Multiple, Multilevel, Pointers

(iii) Analysis of Algorithm:Introduction to algorithm design and Data structures, Comparison of Algorithms, Complexity in terms of space and time, Calculation of O- notation. Abstract Data type and its implementation with a Rational number example

(iv) Searching and Sorting: Searching- Linear and Binary Search, Sorting- Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Comparison of various searching and sorting techniques in terms of time complexity

(v) Elementary Data Structures: Arrays, Linked Lists : Representation of arrays-single and multidimensional, Address calculation using row major ordering, Various operations on arrays, Linked Lists-Singly Linked List, Double linked List, Circular Linked List- traversing, deleting, inserting, searching, counting, reversing, printing of nodes.

(vi) Stacks and Queues: Stack ADT, Implementation of stack using array and linked list, Application of Stack- Evaluation of postfix/prefix expression, Queue ADT, Implementation of queue using Array and Linked List

(vii) Trees: Definition and notations, Binary Search Trees Implementation. Traversals using stacks and recursion – In-order, post-order, pre-order techniques, Threaded binary tree, B-trees with implementation of 2-3 trees.

(viii) Graphs: Definition and notations, Components of Graphs, Types of Graphs, Graph Implementation using Adjacency Matrix and Adjacency List algorithms and programs, Graph Traversal Methods: Depth First Search and Breadth First Search.

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