NIELIT A Level Books 2024

In this Article we will discuss about A Level Exam Books All Paper, A Level books PDF and Latest Books For NIELIT A Level Exam. So lets start and checkout NIELIT A Level books, A LEVEL TEN BOOKS SET, REVISED SYLLABUS 2020 (A1R5, A2R5, A3R5, A4R5, A5R5, A6R5, A7R5,A8R5, A9R5,A10R5), English book).

nIELIT A Level All Books 2024

You know there are 10 paper in NIELIT A Level Course Which can be completed in 1.5 Year or 3 Semester. There are also 5 Practical Exam and 2 Projects( 1 Mini Project, 1 Major Project).

a level Books Based on New Syllabus

In below table we are going to share a PDF Link Which is paid. these PDF are prepared by NewIdeasYT Youtube channel Team. NewIdeasYT is a India’s Number 1 Youtube Channel for O Level Course. Now this channel started A Level Batch. In A Level Batch You will get all Study Material like(A Level E-Book PDF, A Level Complete Chapterwise Classes, A Level Old Paper Solution, A Level Mock Test, A Level Objectives Class, A Level Part1 Objective PDF, NIELIT A Level Old Paper Solution). You Can Get Full Information and NIELIT A Level Syllabus below given links.

Module CodePaper NameBook PDFClassesTest
A1-R5IT Tools & Network BasicsClickClickClick
A2-R5Web Designing and PublishingClickClickClick
A3-R5Python ProgrammingClickClickClick
A4-R5Internet of ThingsClickClickClick
A5-R5Data Strcuture through OOPSClickClickClick
A6-R5Computer Organization and Operating SystemClickClickClick
A7-R5Databases TechnologiesClickClickClick
A8-R5System Analysis and DesignClickClickClick
A9.2-R5Web Application using PHPClickClickClick
A10.2-R5Full Stack Web Development using MVCClickClickClick

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