NIELIT A Level Project Full Information 2024

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NIELIT A Level Major Project Guidlines

You know there are 5 specialized area. Data Analytics, Web Application Development, Information Security, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Major Project (360 hours) based on specialized area.

A Level Project II (Major) Information

Out of these five special fields, the special group for which you have given the exam, you have to submit the major project of the same special area, suppose you had given the paper from the Web Application Development(A9.2 & A10.2) group, then you will have to submit the project based on Web Application Development as well.

major Project A Level -nIELIT

NIELIT curriculum has a Major project as an important component of ‘A’ Level course in Information Technology. The Project is carried out by the student under guidance and support of faculty and management of the respective institute. It is felt that such a project provides an opportunity to the student to apply his/her knowledge and skills to real life problems (including oral and written communication skills), and as such the project should be given utmost importance and priority both by the students as well as institution faculty / management in respect of its identification, planning and implementation.

Objective of A Level Major Project

The aim of the project is to give the students an integrated experience in solving a real-life problem by applying knowledge and skills gained on completion of theory papers in a course at a given Level. It provides an occasion for students to develop written and communication skills, Project also helps the students to realize the importance of resource and time management, ownership of task towards deliverables, innovation and efficiency in task management apart from presentation skills. It also provides a good opportunity for students to build, enhance and sustain high levels of professional conduct and performance and evolves a problem solver frame of mind in student. It is also felt that taking up the project by a student prepares him for a job in industry and elsewhere.

Who can Guide for A Level Major Project?

A Supervisor / Guide for ‘A’ Level (IT) should be a person with DOEACC ‘B’ level/ MCA/ B.Tech/ equivalent/higher qualification and adequate experience (minimum 3 years) in the area in which the student has chosen the Project. In case of a candidate is from an accredited institute, the institute concerned will render all help including the nomination of the Supervisor.

Types of Major Project – A Level

The student undergoing course ‘A’ level Course in Information Technology has to submit project in order to be ‘A’ Level certified. The project should be original and of real-life value. The project should not be copy of existing material from any other source.
The Learners (Students) are expected to carry out a project successfully and submit the project certificate in the prescribed format from the head of the institute running the accredited course or the organization of which the learner is an employee.

Student can develop a project of any type like browser based, mobile based or client-server architecture base application. However, it should be based on specialized area which the student has opted. For example, if a student has opted Artificial Intelligence (AI), he/she has to develop a major project in the application areas of AI.

When we can submit A Level Major Project?

‘A’ Level (IT) student can submit the project only after clearing 5 papers of the ‘A’ Level Course in Information Technology and appear in both the modules of specialized area which the student has opted. The project should be of minimum 360 man-hours and carries a total of 300 marks (80% for the project evaluation and 20% for the viva-voce).

A Level Major Project Guidlines – 2024

The following suggested guidelines may be followed in preparing the Final Project Report: Good quality white executive bond paper A4 size should be used for typing and duplication. Care should be taken to avoid smudging while duplicating the copies.
Page Specification: (Written paper and source code)

  • Left margin 3.0 cms Right margin 3.0 cms
  • Top margin 2.7 cms
  • Bottom margin 2.7 cms
  • Page numbers – All text pages as well as Program source code listing should be numbered at the bottom centre of the pages.

NIELIT A Level books PDF Based on new Syllabus

A Level – Submission of Project Report to NIELIT

The student will submit his/her project report in the prescribed format along with requisite fee. The Project Report should include:

  • One hard copy of the Project Report.
  • Soft copy of Project on Optical Drive
  • The Project Report may be about 50 pages (excluding coding).

NIELIT A Level Major Project Fee

An applicable fee for submitting ‘A’ Level Project should be remitted to NIELIT in the prescribed mode only on the official website of NIELIT. The applicable fee is available on web site on NIELIT. The students are advised to check the applicable fee from official website of NIELIT before remitting the same to NIELIT. According to NIELIT official website the Fee for A Level Major Project is Rs. 1000. Reference Article: NIELIT

nIELIT A Level Project Topic List 2024

Project topic for Data Analytics

  • Color Detection Software
  • Chatbot
  • Fake News Detection 
  • Web scraping
  • Fake logo Detection 
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • COVID-19 Data Visualization

Project topic for Web Applications

  • Online Book Store : Ecommerce Application
  • Online Doctor Appointment Booking System
  • College Management System
  • Online Examination and Results System Application
  • Hotel Management
  • E Commerce Website
  • E – Banking Application
  • Vehicle Theft Online Complaint System Application
  • Online Dating application
  • Online Movie Booking Site
  • Municipal Corporation Complaint Management System
  • Online Matrimonial Website
  • Learning Management System – Website
  • Payroll Management
  • Resume Builder Web Application

Project topic for Information Security

  • Keylogger Software
  • Security Scanner
  • Image Encryption
  • Web-Based Facial Authentication System
  • User Authentication System

Project topic for Internet of Things

  • Smart Agriculture System
  • Smart Garage Door
  • Smart Parking System
  • Smart Waste Management System for Smart City
  • Smart Street Light
  • Water Level Monitoring System

Project topic for Artificial Intelligence

  • Chatbot
  • E commerce recommendation engine
  • Translator App
  • Facial Emotion Recognition
  • Spam email identification
  • Colour Detection app

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