Simple Interest Calculator using Javascript

Create a HTML Document with JavaScript code that has three Textboxes and a button. The details should be accepted using textboxes are principal, rate of interest, and duration in years. When user clicks the OK Button a message box appears showing the simple interest of principal amount.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title> Simple Interest Calculator in Javascript</title>
<script >
	function m2r5(){
		var pr= document.getElementById('p').value;
		var rate= document.getElementById('r').value;
		var time= document.getElementById('t').value;
		var res=document.getElementById('result');
		result.innerHTML="Simple Interset is " +(pr*rate*time/100);
		Principal:<input type="number" id="p"><br><br>
		Rate:     <input type="number" id="r"><br><br>
		Time:     <input type="number" id="t"><br><br>
		<input type="button" name="OK" onclick="m2r5();" value="ok">
	<h1 id="result" style="color: green;"></h1>

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