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यदि आप o level की तैयारी कर रहे है , और इस बार आपका o level python paper का exam है| और आपको नहीं पता है कि o level python paper किस तरह से आता है| तो आज की इस पोस्ट में हम o level python old paper with solution के बारे में बात करेंगे| यदि आप o level python old paper solve करते है तो आपको अपने o level python exam में काफी मदद मिल सकती है|

O level python old paper solution – july 2021

यहाँ आपको o level old paper के सभी subject के solution provide कराये जायेंगे| लेकिन आज हम python के old paper के solution देखने जा रहे है|

O Level Python MCQs Question

1. The following symbol represent
  1. Decision
  2. Initialization
  3. Input/output
  4. None of Mentioned
2. When an algorithm is written in the form of a programming language, it becomes a
  1. Flowchart
  2. Program
  3. Pseudo Code
  4. Syntax
3. Which of the following is not a keyword in Python ?
  1. eval
  2. assert
  3. nonlocal
  4. pass
4. Which one of the following has the highest precedence in the expression ?
  1. Exponential
  2. Addition
  3. Multiplication
  4. Parentheses
5. Which of the following is correct about Python ?
  1. It supports automatic garbage collection.
  2. It can be easily integrated with C, C++, COM, ActiveX, CORBA, and Java.
  3. Both of the above
  4. None of these
6. Which of the following environment variable for Python tells the Python interpreter where to locate the module files imported into a program ?
7. Which of the following data types is not supported in python ?
  1. Numbers
  2. String
  3. List
  4. Slice
8. Which of the following function of dictionary gets all the keys from the dictionary ?
  1. getKeys()
  2. key()
  3. keys()
  4. None of the mentioned
9. Select the reserved keyword in python
  1. else
  2. raise
  3. import
  4. All of the mentioned
10. Which statement is correct ?
  1. List is mutable & Tuple is immutable.
  2. List is immutable & Tuple is mutable.
  3. Both List and Tuple are Mutable.
  4. Both List and Tuple are Immutable.

O level Python True/False Question

1. In computer science, algorithm refers to a special method usable by a computer for the solution to a problem. – True

2. Any algorithm is a program. – False

3. Python is case sensitive when dealing with identifiers. – True

4. Mathematical operations can be performed on a string. – False

5. Addition and Subtraction has the same precedence level.– True

6. The expression int(x) implies that the variable x is converted to integer. -True

7. values() is a function of dictionary gets all the values from the dictionary. -True

8. nested if-else are allowed in Python. -True

9. unichr(x)function convert an integer to octal string in python. -False

10. frozenset(s)function convert a sequence of tuples to dictionary in python.– False

O level Python Match the following Question

1.filter()A)It take iterables (can be zero or more), makes iterator that aggregates elements based on the iterables passed, and returns an iterator of tuples. ->10
2.this image represent a symbol of flowchartB)A function converts a string to a list in python. -> 5
3.strip()C)flow chart symbol that is used for processing of data or
calculations. -> 9
4.Isalnum()D)constructs an iterator from elements of an iterable for which a
function returns true. -> 1
5.list()E)used in flow chart for input and output of data.
6.AlgorithmF)in-built function of Python is used to remove all the leading and
trailing spaces from a string. ->3
7.bin()G)start and end of a flow chart. ->2
8.getcwd()H)creates a slice object representing the set of indices specified by
range(start, stop, step).
9.A flowchart symbol for processI)method converts a value to Boolean (true or false) using the
standard truth testing procedure.
10.zip()J)converts and returns the binary equivalent string of a given
integer. -> 7
K)an explicit set of step by step specific instructions that solve a
problem with an end or a solution. -> 6
L)method returns true if all characters in the string are
alphanumeric (either alphabets or numbers). If not, it returns false. ->4
M)Method displays the current working directory. -> 8

O level Python Fill in the blanks Question

1. A graphical representation of a computer program in relation to its sequence of functions Flowchart

2. help() method calls the built-in Python help system

3. To create sequences of numbers, NumPy provides a function arrange analogous to range that returns arrays instead of lists.

4. tell() return the current file position after reading the first line.

5. seek is a method sets the file’s current position at the offset.

6. unpickling is used for object deserialization.

7. swapcase method converts all uppercase characters to lowercase and vice versa of the given string, and returns it.

8. ndarray is also known as the alias array.

9. fp.close() is used to close a file object (fp).

10. readline() reads one entire line from the file.

O level Python Old Paper Part – 2 Question

Attempt any Four Question

1. a) What do you mean by an Algorithm ? What are the characteristics of an Algorithm ? Write an Algorithm to find the factorial of given integer number.

1. b) What do you mean by decision making statements in python ? Explain nested if statements with suitable example.

2. a) What is list and tuple in python ? Give the differences between list and tuple.

2. b) Why Python programming language is becoming so popular in programming world ? list the applications of python and explain any one with suitable example.

3. a) Explain numPy library in python. Write a numPy program to generate five random numbers from the normal distribution.

3. b) Explain the following
(i) broadcasting in numPy
(ii) islower()
(iii) read()
(iv) dictionary in python
(v) Indentation in Python

4. a) Define recursive function. Write a recursive function to convert decimal number to binary number.

4. b) How to create a string in Python ? List and explain the operations which can perform on strings.

5. Attempt any three from the following :
(a) Write a python program to remove multiple elements from a list in Python.
(b) Draw a flowchart to find gcd of two numbers.
(c) Write a Python program to copy odd lines of one file to other.
(d) Explain join(), isspace() with suitable example.


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