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python Questions 2022

Part – 2 (Subjective)

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5 (a) Consider a 3 digit decimal number. Draw a flow chart to print its digits in reverse order. The input is to be taken by user.

(b) Convert decimal no. 365.27 to binary number.

(c) Draw a flow chart to evaluate the series of sin(x) upto 5 terms and print the output value for x=3.

6 (a) write a recursive function to find the factorial of a number.

(b) write a program to check armstrong numbers in a certain interval.

(c) write a program to check if the number is odd or even.

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7. Differentiate between the following:
(a) readline and readlines()
(b) tell() and seek()
(c) Indexing and Slicing

8. (a) Write complete syntax of following functions and explain their functioning:
(i) rstrip()
(ii) split()
(iii) isalpha()
(iv) pow()

(b)Write a program code to open a data file. Save element values 2,4,9,10,11 in this data file and print these data values by accessing the file.

9(a) Write a python Program to get the smallest number from a list.

(b) Write a NumPy program to convert a python dictionary to a Numpyndarray.

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