Polytechnic Python Question Paper 2022

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Computer Science and Engineering python paper 2022

In this post we will share python paper 2022 and python polytechnic paper. So lets see polytechnic pyq paper ….

Attempt any two of the following:
a) How will you create an object in python.
b) What are regular expressions in python. How these expressions can be accessed
c) Is it possible to assign a single value to more than one variable.If yes how it is done.

2.Attempt any two parts of the following:
a)What is a shift operator in python? Discuss.
b)What is a set? How a set is created?
c)How a function is called or executed?

3. Attempt any two parts of the following:
a)What are standard library modules in python.
b)What are user defined exceptions? Illustrate through example.
c)How you can append data on to a file> Illustrate through example.

4.Attempt any two parts of the following:
a)What are character classes? Discuss their use with suitable example.
b)What is data stream? How will You create own stream.
c)What is IDLE/ Write a python program to find number is prime or not.

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5.Attempt any two of the following:
a) Explain Python naming conventions.
b) What is dynamic types in python?
c) what is environment variable? What are Quantifiers?

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