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Hello dear friends! Today we are going to tell you about NIELIT A level Notes and Classes, A Level A10R5 Books PDF/ A level Full Stack Web Development using MVC Framework books pdf. And how do you do A Level a5r5 exam preparation? going to tell about If you want to pass A level A10-R5 exam in one go with good grades then India’s no. You can take help of 1 Youtube Channel New Ideas YT Till now thousands of students have completed their O Level from this channel. And now NIELIT is preparing for A Level Course, continuously trying to teach A Level course in the simplest way and provide powerful content. In which positive feedback has been received from many students.

A Level Full Stack Web Development using MVC Framework (A10-R5) Notes – Download

There are three main terms to pass any exam with a good grade, first of all you should know the A Level Full Stack Web Development using MVC Framework syllabus of the exam, there should be powerfull content related to the exam as well as to crack that exam There should be proper strategy for these main three, the focus has always been on New Ideas YT, so without delay, start your preparation with us. If you do not have the complete study material of Full Stack Web Development using MVC Framework(A10-R5), and you like the classes and PDF Notes of Youtube channel NewideasYT, then you can join their Full Stack Web Development using MVC Framework batch. | Below you have been given complete information about Full Stack Web Development using MVC Framework paid batch.

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A Level detailed Syllabus 2024 – Full Stack Web Development using MVC Framework

Sr. No.Chapter Name
1MVC Infrastructure Basics. PHP Frameworks& Introduction to CakePHP
3Controller and Views
4Php Basics and Conditional Logic
5Functions and Error handling
6Object Oriented Programming
7MySQL Installation and Basics
8Advance Queries and Data Manipulation using PHP and MySQL
9Creating Dynamic Forms using CakePHP Html Helpers

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Detailed Syllabus A Level A10.2-R5

Chapter -1: MVC Infrastructure Basics. PHP Frameworks& Introduction to CakePHP

Introduction to MVC, What are Model-View-Controller, Why use framework in the

project (conventional vs. MVC project), Introduction to PHP Frameworks i.e Zend,

CodeIgniter, Laravel. Installation of CakePHP, CakePHP folder structure, File naming

conventions, Important config file (core.php, database.php)

Chapter -2: Models

Models: Different models of databases and interaction between databases. Creating up

model for a database, Accessing and manipulating table data using find, save, update

methods of the model, Deleting Data, User defined functions in model, data validations.

Chapter -3: Controller and Views

Application flow –Creating Controller Function, How Controller interact with model,

how controller interact with views. CakePHPhelpers, Most commonly used helpers like

Form, HTML, Session, Cookie etc, Create views and custom layouts

Chapter -4: Php Basics and Conditional Logic

PHP introduction, Environment setup in different platforms, concept of Server-side

scripting language and client side scripting language, Script syntax, How to declare

variable and data types, Constants, Arrays, Strings, Web concepts, Decision making

statements, loop types, operators

Chapter -5: Functions and Error handling

What is Functions, Creating PHP functions, PHP functions with parameters, Argument

by reference, setting default values for function parameters, dynamic function calls,

regular expressions, Date and time functions, Built-in functions, file inclusion, file


Chapter -6: Object Oriented Programming

What is Object Oriented Concepts, Defining classes, Creating Objects, Member

functions, The new keyword and Constructor, Destructor, Access method and

properties using $this variable, Inheritance& code reusability, Function overriding,

Access Specifies- private, public and protected members, Static properties and method,

Class constants, Polymorphism, Parent:: &self :: keyword, Instance of operator,

Abstract method and class, Interface , Final, Exceptional handling.

Chapter -7: MySQL Installation and Basics

Database Introduction, MySQL installation on various platforms, MySQL connection,

Database creation, Database Manipulations- Add, Edit, Retrieve and Delete. Table

creation and table manipulations- Add Edit, Retrieve and Delete, Like clause, Sorting,

Group Functions with having clause

Chapter -8: Advance Queries and Data Manipulation using PHP and MySQL

Joins, Handling NULL Values, Regular Expressions, ALTER Command, Indexes,

Temporary Tables, Database Handling Duplicates, SQL Injections. Creating user login

form, Registration Form using database, User Authentication, Search, Update, Delete

Users and Data. Fetching the data from database

Chapter -9: Creating Dynamic Forms using CakePHP Html Helpers

Introduction to basic html form, get, post methods, generate form elements like input

boxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, and links using CakePHP html helper, Form

validation using Model validation definitions, Create, retrieve and delete cookies,

Create, retrieve and delete session variables, File handling in CakePHP (create, delete,

read files), CakePHP Global variables and their use

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